CD: Trojan TJBDD294

Disc 1:
01. Enter The Dragon
02. Theme From Hong Kong
03. Heart Of The Dragon
04. Hold Them Kung Fu
05. Flames Of The Dragon
06. Scorching Iron
07. Skango
08. Fungaa
09. Black Belt
10. Iron Fist
11. Kung Fu Man
12. Black Belt Jones
13. Exit The Dragon
14. Last Blood
15. Deathly Hands
16. Kung Fu Warrior
17. Dragon Slayer
18. Judgement Day

Disc 2 :
01. One Armed Boxer
02. Big Boss
03. Fists Of Vengeance
04. Samurai Swordsman
05. Final Weapon
06. Coco-Macca
07. Fly Away
08. The Message
09. Licky-Licky
10. Labrish
11. Quinge-Up
12. Raw-Chaw
13. 5 Cardiff Crescent
14. Four Of A Kind
15. Voodoo Man
16. Rasta Train
17. Ark Of The Rising Sun

Dubstrumentals gathers together three 1975 albums that were originally released in limited quantities: Kung Fu Meets The Dragon, Return Of The Wax, and Musical Bones. All three albums were largely instrumental in nature and were testament to the experimental nature of Scratch's work at the time. As with Trojan's Dub Triptych collection, it's nice to have these three albums together in one collection after years of poor quality releases. Depending on your musical tastes, you will either find the jazzy reggae of Musical Bones and minimalist reggae of Return Of The Wax quite intriguing or rather boring. The crazed and raucous Kung Fu Meets The Dragon, however, will leave no Scratch fan disappointed. The icing on the cake is the inclusion of two great bonus tracks, "Rasta Train" and "Ark Of The Rising Sun".

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