LP: Trojan TRLS254
CD: Trojan CDTRL254

01. Sick And Tired - Neville Grant
02. Rasta No Pickpocket - Junior Byles
03. Don't Cross The Nation - Little Roy
04. Give Me Power - The Stingers
05. Give Me Power Version 2 - King Iwah
06. News Flash - Leo Graham
07. Flashing Echo - The Upsetters
08. Justice To The People - Lee Perry
09. Justice To The People Verse 2 - Lee Perry
10. Babylon's Burning - Junior Byles
11. Babylon Version - The Upsetters
12. The Thanks We Get - The Upsetters
13. Dig Your Grave - The Upsetters
14. Public Enemy Number One - Max Romeo
15. Mid East Rock - Dillinger
16. Forward Up - The Stingers
17. Hot Tip - Prince Django
18. To Be A Lover - Shenley Duffus

Give Me Power (sadly deleted by Trojan in 2004) is one of the best collections of Lee Perry's pre-Black Ark productions, as well as a personal favourite. All of the artists were some of the best in Perry's stable, even if not all of them are well known. Stand out tracks include Neville Grant's "Sick And Tired" (a vocal version of the famous "Return Of Django"), Junior Byles' eloquently angry "Rasta No Pickpocket", Lee Perry's heavy duty "Justice To The People", and Shenley Duffus' "To Be A Lover" - cut years before the more famous George Faith version. Throw in a couple of hot DJ numbers ("Mid East Rock" by Dillinger and "Hot Tip" by Prince Django) and you have an all killer, no filler collection.

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