Heart Of The ArkHeart Of The Ark Vol. 2

LP: Seven Leaves SLLP003
CD: Seven Leaves SLCD003

1. Such Is Life - Lord Creator
2. Freedom - Earl 16
3. Dread Dreader - Jolly Brothers
4. Brotherly Love - Henrick Nicholson
5. Them Don't Know Love - Righteous Vibes
6. African Freedom - Brother Hood
7. Cool Down - Jolly Brothers
8. Jah Say Love - Twin Roots
9. Four And Twenty Dreadlocks - Prodigal

Heart Of The Ark Vol. 2 is great collection of lesser known Black Ark songs. Pretty much everything here is gold, with special mention of the dynamite "Freedom" by Earl 16, "Brotherly Love" by Henrick Nicholson (the Jolly Brothers), and Lord Creator's wonderful "Such Is Life". Highly recommended.

See also Heart Of The Ark and Larks From The Ark.

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