CD: Jet Star/Orchard ORCHB2

Disc 1:
01. I Know A Place - Bob Marley
02. I Know A Dub - The Upsetters
03. Who Colt The Game - Bob Marley
04. Who Colt The Dub - The Upsetters
05. Shocks Almighty (Mix 1) - Bob Marley & Lee Perry
06. Shocks Almighty (Mix 2) - Bob Marley & Lee Perry
07. Shocks Almighty (Vocal/Dub Mix) - Bob Marley & Lee Perry
08. More Axe- The Wailers
09. More More Axe - The Wailers
10. Stand By Me - The Inspirations
11. You Know What I Mean - The Inspirations
12. You Know What I Mean (Take 2) - The Inspirations
13. Django Shoots First - Lord Comic & Lee Perry

Disc 2:
01. Dollar In The Teeth - The Upsetters
02. Dollar In The Teeth (Take 2) - The Upsetters
03. Baby Baby (Unreleased Take) - Val Bennett
04. Baby Baby - Val Bennett
05. Barbara - Val Bennett
06. Beware Of The Pepper - Denzel Laing
07. Skanky Chicken - Dave Barker
08. Runaway Child - Dave Barker
09. Glory Glory - Sister P & Full Experience
10. Glory Glory Dub - The Upsetters
11. Shoulder To The Wheel - Flying Sensations
12. Earth A Go Wheel - The Upsetters
13. Cost Of Living - Keithis
14. Poor Man Dub - The Upsetters

Disc 3:
01. Weak Heart A Go Feel It - Shaumark & Robinson
02. Peace And Love - Shaumark & Robinson
03. Peace And Love Dub - The Upsetters
04. Open The Gate - Watty Burnett
05. Open The Gate Dub - The Upsetters
06. Down Here In Babylon - Brent Dowe
07. Take Heed - The Armageddeans
08. Garden Of Life - Leroy Sibbles
09. Garden Of Dub - The Upsetters
10. A Real Version - The Upsetters
11. Rainy Night In Portland - Watty Burnett
12. Brother Noah - Black Shadows
13. Bring It Up - The Soulettes
14. Connection - Dillinger

Lost Treasures Of The Ark is wonderful mess. It is more or less a lame version of Arkology, and a sorry attempt to capture some of that collection's glory. First things first: at least 17 of these tracks are not Black Ark songs, and out of the 42 tracks, 18 have already been released on Trojan collections such as Dry Acid and Build The Ark -- so much for being "lost treasures of the Ark". That being said, if you can tolerate the shoddy nature of this set, Lost Treasures contains a lot of great music. What makes this compilation so interesting is that many of the tracks are "raw" -- lifted from the master tapes, they haven't been given a final mix by Scratch and so there is none of the famous Black Ark phasing and echo. Highlights include the two Bob Marley tracks and their dubs, and much cleaner sounding versions of "Open The Gate", and "Garden Of Life" (as compared to the ones on Trojan's Open The Gate set) . Truly rare Black Ark tracks like "Take Heed" by the Armagiddeans and "Brother Noah" by Black Shadows also make this set worth seeking out. Hopefully some day this music will be given a more legitimate release.

See also Enter The Ark.

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