LP: Anachron AAS 9003
CD: Trochantor Major TMCD001

01. Voodooism - Leo Graham
02. Voodoo Dub - The Upsetters
03. Wolf Out Deh - Lloyd & Devon
04. Shepherd Rod - The Upsetter
05. Better Future - Errol Walker
06. Future Dub - The Upsetters
07. Bafflin' Smoke Signal - Lee Perry
08. Captive - Lee Perry
09. Dub Cap - Lee Perry
10. Different Experience - Brother Roy
11. Living My Life (Discomix) - Keith Texon

Magnetic Mirror Master Mix is a fine collection which has been almost made obsolete by Pressure Sounds Voodooism compilation: the first six tracks of this album ended up being the cornerstone of Voodooism, but the remaining tracks are all exclusive to this album. All of them are excellent: Scratch's anti-Pope "Bafflin' Smoke Signal"; "Captive", a very dread lecture about the plight of Africans in the western world; Brother Roy's "Different Experience", a bass heavy jazz skank; and "Living My Life", a wonderful and seldom-heard song from Keith Texon (AKA Keith Rowe). The CD version by Trochantor should be avoided, as it is more or less a CD-R release and of dubious origin.

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