LP: Seven Leaves SLLP2

1. Dem No Know Dub
2. Conscious Man Dub
3. Such Is Dub
4. Corn Picker Dub
5. Rasta Dub
6. Freedom Dub
7. Megaton Dub
8. Dreamer Dub
9. School Girl Dub
(The CD version includes one bonus track, "Simon The Sorcerer")

It's odd that Scratch didn't issue an album or two of his dub work from the Black Ark when dub was booming in the mid-1970s. Megaton Dub fills the gap and includes a terrific selection of Black Ark dubs. Instead of the really famous Black Ark rhythms, Megaton Dub has more esoteric choices, such as Lord Creator's "Such Is Life" ("Such Is Dub"), Brother Hood's "Freedom" ("Freedom Dub") and the Jolly Brothers' "Dread Dreader" ("Dreader Dub"). Both volumes of Megaton Dub can be hard to find, but hopefully Seven Leaves will release both sets on a single CD soon come.

See also Megaton Dub 2.

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