CD: Trojan TRCD339

01. Honey Love - Burt Walters
02. Evol Yenoh - Burt Walters
03. Popeye - Val Bennett
04. Nonesuch Busted Me Bet - The Mellotones
05. Handy Cap - The Upsetters
06. People Funny Boy - Lee Perry
07. Blowing In The Wind - Burt Walters
08. Spanish Harlem - Val Bennett
09. Uncle Charlie - The Mellotones
10. Tighten Up - The Inspirations
11. A Place In The Sun - David Isaacs
12. What A Botheration - The Mellotones
13. Return Of Django - The Upsetters
14. Sentence - Danny & Lee
15. You Crummy - Lee Perry
16. Baby Baby - Val Bennett
17. Farmer's In The Den - The Bleechers
18. Stand By Me - The Inspirations
19. What A Botheration - Lee Perry
20. What A Situation - Slim Smith

People Funny Boy is a solid collection of early Lee Perry productions, including quite a few rarities as well as the big hits (why Trojan felt it necessary to put "Tighten Up" and "Return Of Django" on yet another collection is beyond me). While overall this collection is nothing to get excited about, serious fans will appreciate the more esoteric choices here, such as the steel drum skank of "Handy Cap", Scratch's grumbling "You Crummy" and the jazzy tunes from sax king Val Bennett. Special mention must be made of "Evol Yenoh", which is "Honey Love" with the vocals run backwards for a truly freakish three minutes.

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