LP: Clocktower CT114

01. Scratch The Dub Organizer - The Upsetters
02. Who You Gonna Run To - Johnny Lover & The Towerchanters
03. Tighten Up - Lee and The Blue Bell
04. A Serious Joke - Val Bennett & The Upsetters
05. Little Flute Chant - Brad Osborne & The Towerchanters
06. When Jah Come (Extended Version) - Devon Irons
07. Scratch Walking - The Upsetters
08. Come Along - Lee Perry & The Black Arks
09. Bush Weed Corn Trash - Ricky & Bunny
10. Curley Dub - The Upsetters

Scratch And Company has an interesting story behind it. Clocktower, an American record label run by the controversial Brad Osbourne, had been issuing Perry-produced singles throughout the 1970s with Scratch's blessing. On a 1982 visit to Osbourne's record store in New York, Lee Perry discovered that he had released a compilation of dub tracks called Scratch And Company without his knowledge. Scratch went through the roof, tearing up copies of the album, and angrily denouced Osbourne. Despite this negative background to the album, the material on Scratch And Company is moody, dubwise greatness. Sadly, Osbourne renamed and remixed some of the tracks, but that doesn't alter their vibe.

See also Scratch Attack.

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