LP: Heartbeat HB37
CD: Heartbeat CDHB37

01. People Funny Boy - Lee Perry
02. Da Da - The Upsetters
03. Shocks Of Mighty - Dave Barker
04. Set Me Free - Dave Barker
05. Live Injection - The Upsetters
06. Freedom Train - The Upsetters
07. Finger Mash - Lee Perry & The Silvertones
08. Duppy Conqueror - The Wailers
09. Upsetting Station - Dave Barker
10. The Thanks We Get - Junior Byles & Omar Perry
11. Fu Man Version - Linval Thompson
12. Kiss Me Neck - The Upsetters
13. Keep On Skanking - The Upsetters

Some more modern collections have made this one obsolete, but this really is Some Of The Best. Since this album was first released, cleaner versions of most of the tracks have showed up elsewhere; Heartbeat had to master quite a few songs here from scratchy records. But who cares when the music is this cool? Highlights include the unstoppable "Live Injection" by the Upsetters, the soulful "Freedom Train" by Ernest Wilson, and the great "Keep On Skanking", a Wailers tune credited to The Upsetters.

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