CD: Pressure Sounds PSCD68
LP: Pressure Sounds PSLP68

01. Dub Plate Pressure – Lee Perry
02. Lama Lava Mix One – Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters
03. Groove Dubber – The Upsetters
04. Groove Rider – The Upsetters
05. Jucky Skank – The Upsetters
06. Chim Cherie – The Upsetters
07. The Rightful Organiser – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
08. Stagger – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
09. Big Neck Cut – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
10. Zeal Of The Lord – The Upsetters
11. Dub Of The Lord – The Upsetters
12. Returning Wax – The Upsetters
13. Bushdub Corntrash – Winston Wright & The Upsetters
14. From Dub Four – Clive Hylton & The Upsetters
15. Roots Train Number Two – Junior Murvin & The Upsetters
16. Locks In The Dublight – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
17. Moonlight Version – The Upsetters
18. Dub History – Carlton Jackson & The Upsetters
19. Groovy Dub – Keith Rowe & The Upsetters
20. Living Dub – Keith Rowe & The Upsetters

For more than 30 years, dub plates – exclusive, one-of-a-kind mixes for sound systems – have been a "hidden" part of reggae's history. Although Lee Perry's distinctive, eccentric productions from the Black Ark stood outside of the reggae mainstream, Scratch produced many dub plates between 1973 - 1979, creating exclusive, mind-bending mixes that have never been heard since.

Sound System Scratch features 20 Black Ark dub plates as well as a treasure trove of rare photographs and informative sleeve notes by well-known reggaeologist Jeremy Collingwood. Although Scratch fans will certainly be familiar with these rhythms through their single releases, the mixes on Sound System Scratch are complete weirdo, outer space dubwise madness. While the sound quality on these esoteric dub plates vary, their extremely rare status outweighs any moaning that audiophiles might make about their quality.

Sound System Scratch is certainly a very unique and special collection, but it must be said that some of the material falls under the number one rule of record collecting: just because it's rare, it doesn't mean that it's good. At times more of a museum display than a reggae collection, Sound System Scratch is nevertheless a fascinating piece of Black Ark history lovingly restored by the good people at Pressure Sounds. All of these songs will be a revelation even to the most hardcore Scratch fans. It is perhaps the most unique Lee Perry collection ever released.

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