LP: Heartbeat HB76
CD: Heartbeat CDHB76

01. Bionic Rats
02. Ashes And Dust
03. Righteous Oily
04. In This Iwa
05. Babylon A Fall
06. Rainbow Throne
07. Standing On The Hill
08. News Flash
09. When You Walk
10. Sweet Guava Jelly
11. So You Come, So You Go
12. Free Up The Prisoners
13. Track 13

The sleeve notes call this album "the missing link in the Lee Perry legacy", and it's one hell of a link. Although Roast Fish Collie Weed And Cornbread stands as Scratch's only solo album from the 1970s, Soundzs From The Hotline acts as a second, "posthumous" solo album made up of mostly unreleased 1970s productions. References to Pipecock Jackxon (an alter ego Scratch assumed circa 1980) date some of the songs from that period; others sound as if they date from the glory days of the Black Ark. Still others date back to the early 1970s and feature rhythms recorded at Randy's. The odd man out is "Ashes And Dust", which is "Vibrate On" with new vocals and samples, recorded at Channel One in 1982. Everything here is pure midnight magic, with Scratch at his best over crisp and heavy rhythms. Highly recommended.

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