CD: Ascension ANCD009

01. I Do Love You - The Heptones
02. Love You Version - The Upsetters
03. Yeaha, Yeaha, Yaa - The Pioneers
04. Ethiopian Rock - Leonard Dillon & The Upsetters
05. Lizard Tongue Rock - I Roy
06. Dread In The West - I Roy
07. Big Joke - The Upsetters
08. Well Dread - Dennis Alcapone
09. Dread A Dread - The Righteous Upsetters
10. Me Nah Tell A Man - Dillinger & The Upsetting Upsetters
11. Brother Man - Sam Carty
12. Brother Dub - The Upsetters
13. Bread And Butter - Leo Graham
14. Double Attack - Leo Graham
15. Mr Phang, Mr. Wong, Mr. Chin - Easton Clarke
16. China Man Dub - Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters
17. Example Part One - Winston Wright & The Upsetters
18. Headquarters - Dillinger
19. Black Girl In My Bed - Shenley Duffus

Truth And Wizdom is an excellent collection of very rare Lee Perry productions, a follow-up to Ascension's earlier Wizdom set. This is one for serious collectors, as it contains songs from seldom heard artists like Easton Clarke and Shenley Duffus, as well as new songs with familiar rhythms. Highlights include Dillinger's "Headquarters", the I Roy's clever "Dread In The West", and Sam Carty's "Brother Man". Leo Graham fans will be delighted to discover two of his scorchers, "Bread And Butter" and "Double Attack". The only sore thumb here is "Yeaha Yeaha Yaa", which is actually "Ugly Man" by The Scorchers (produced by Lloyd Daley). Trainspotters will also notice that a few tunes were not produced by Lee Perry but recorded at the Black Ark.

See also Wizdom.

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