LP: Trojan TRL195
CD: Trojan CDTRL195

01. Cold Sweat - The Upsetters
02. Return Of Django - The Upsetters
03. Check Him Out - The Bleechers
04. Django Shoots First - The Upsetters
05. Kill Them All - Lee Perry & The Upsetters
06. The Vampire- The Upsetters
07. Drugs And Poison - The Upsetters
08. Sipreano - Lee Perry & The Upsetters
09. Black IPA. - The Upsetters
10. Bucky Skank - Lee Perry
11. Words Of My Mouth - The Gatherers
12. Tipper Special - The Upsetters
13. Cow Thief Skank - Lee Perry & Charlie Ace
14. French Connection - The Upsetters
15. Better Days - Carlton & His Shoes
16. Freak Out Skank - The Upsetters

The Upsetter Collection was one of the best compilations you could get for a long time (Trojan deleted it in 2004). This album has always been a personal favourite, since it was the first set of Lee Perry's music in my collection. It shows off Lee Perry and friends at their weirdest ("Cow Thief Skank", "Sipreano", "Tipper Special"), their tightest ("Return Of Django"), and their grooviest ("Cold Sweat", "Drugs And Poison"). In a word: upsetting!

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