CD: Heartbeat CDHB77

01. Noah Sugar Pan
02. Ketch A Dub
03. Version Train
04. Rootically Dub
05. Sons Of The Black Ark
06. Lorna Skank
07. If The Cap Fits
08. Dub A Come
09. Tedious Dub
10. Rejoice In Skank
11. Babylon Thief Dub
12. Foundation Dub
13. Bagman
14. Better Reach
15. Dub In Time
16. Fun And Games
17. Sipple Dub
18. Bionic Rat Dub

The first in Heartbeat's excellent Upsetter Shop series, Upsetter In Dub is a great collection of Black Ark dubs, made up of rhythms used by Junior Murvin, The Congos, Max Romeo, Junior Byles, et al. Other than the two volumes of Megaton Dub, there aren't any good collections of Black Ark dubs, and so this fills that gap very nicely. Highly recommended.

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