CD: Heartbeat 11661-7601-2

01. Check Him Out (Take 1) - The Bleechers
02. Uncle Charlie - The Mellotones
03. Uncle Charlie - Dillinger
04. Sunshine Rock - The Upsetters
05. Who To Tell - David Isaacs
06. Can't Take It Anymore - Pat Satchmo
07. Caught You Red Handed (Take 1) - The West Indians
08. Upsetter Radio Show on JBC
09. Caught You Red Handed (Take 2) - The West Indians
10. Caught You Red Handed (Take 3) - The West Indians
11. Water More Than Flour - Al & The Vibrators
12. X-Ray Vision - The Upsetters
13. People Sokup Boy - Lee Perry
14. Gee (Take 2) - Al & The Vibrators
15. Some Sympathy - Dave Barker
16. Tender Love - The Inspirations
17. Creation - The Upsetters
18. Cloud Nine - Carl Dawkins & The Wailers
19. Tighten Up - The Inspirations
20. Tighten Up Skank - Dillinger
21. Sweets For My Sweet (Rehearsal) - The Silvertones

Upsetter Shop is the second album in Heartbeat's Upsetter Shop series, featuring 21 selections ranging from well known scorchers like "Tighten Up" to rare soul shots like "Creation". While a few of the songs aren't that exciting, for the most part this music is out of sight, digging much deeper into the vaults than other collections which chronicle this period in Scratch's career. However, what makes this collection so priceless are the incredible studio out-takes. Even though the sequence is spliced together, there are three takes of The West Indians' "Caught You Red Handed", and in between takes one and two someone points out to Scratch that they're playing his music on the radio. With the tape still rolling, the JBC gets turned on and we hear a medley of Upsetter instrumentals with a jive-talking DJ raving "we've got a go getter on the Upsetter!" As if this wasn't amazing enough, the album concludes with an acoustic rehearsal of "Sweets For My Sweet" by The Silvertones, complete with barking dogs in the background. Because of these two tracks, Upsetter Shop Vol. 2 is more than an album, it's a small piece of reggae history.

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