LP: Trojan TRLS330
CD: Trojan CDTRL330

01. Eight For Eight - The Upsetters
02. Outer Space - The Upsetters
03. To Love Somebody - Busty Brown
04. Soulful I - The Upsetters
05. Man From MI5 - The Upsetters
06. I'll Be Waiting - The Termites
07. Ten To Twelve - The Upsetters
08. Kiddy O - The Muskyteers
09. Medical Operation - The Upsetters
10. Night Doctor - The Upsetters
11. Self Control - The Upsetters
12. Crying About You - Busty Brown
13. Thunderball - The Upsetters
14. Build My Whole World Around You - Dave Barker
15. One Punch - The Upsetters
16. The Vampire - The Upsetters
17. Prisoner Of Love - Dave Barker
18. I Was Wrong - Dave Barker

Upsetting The Nation is another out of print Trojan collection that was one of the best you could get back in the day. It's a personal favorite of mine, since along with The Upsetter Collection it was one of the first Lee Perry collections that I bought. It's a terrific showcase of some of Lee Perry's hottest productions from the early days. Highlights include the heartbreak skank of The Termites' "I'll Be Waiting", the groovy "Man From MI5" by The Upsetters, and the irresistible "Prisoner Of Love" by Dave Barker.

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