CD: Pressure Sounds PSCD009

01. Psalms 20 - James Booms
02. Proverbs Of Dub - The Upsetters
03. Better Future - Errol Walker
04. Future Dub - The Upsetters
05. River - Zap Pow
06. River Stone - Zap Pow
07. Freedom - Earl Sixteen
08. Right You - The Upsetters
09. Mash Down - Roots
10. Africa - The Hombres
11. Foundation Dub - The Upsetters
12. Voodooism - Leo Graham
13. Dublism - The Upsetters
14. African Style - The Black Notes
15. African Style Version - The Upsetters
16. Rasta Train - Lee & Jimmy
17. Yagga Yagga - Lee & Jimmy
18. Rise And Shine - Watty & Tony
19. Wolf Out Deh - Lloyd & Devon
20. Shepherd Rod - The Upsetters

Voodooism is simply one of the best Scratch collections available. Perry literally blows the title of this album from his mouth (along with a big cloud of ganja smoke) on the front cover -- appropriate for this excellent collection of smokey singles and their heavy dubs. From start to finish, the music is outstanding. Listing highlights is really superfluous when all of the material is this good, but Earl Sixteen's "Freedom", Zap Pow's psychedelic "River" and the Black Notes' "African Style" are real show-stoppers. One unfortunate mistake needs to be pointed out: "Yagga Yagga" is actually a dub of "Many A Call" by The Unforgettables, which is a shame since the actual song is a killer tune. Highly recommended.

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