LP: Trojan TRL374
CD: Trojan CDTRL374

01. Words Of My Mouth - The Gatherers
02. Words Of My Mouth (Version) - The Upsetters
03. Kuchy Skank - The Upsetters
04. Rejoice In Jah Jah Children - The Silvertones
05. Rejoicing Skank - The Upsetters
06. Bush Weed Corn Trash - Bunny & Ricky
07. Callying Butt - The Upsetters
08. Da Ba Day - The Upsetters
09. Kiss Me Neck - The Upsetters
10. Curly Locks - Junior Byles
11. Dreader Locks - Lee & Junior
12. Many A Call - The Unforgettables
13. Two Bad Bull - Bunny & Ricky
14. Two Bad Cow - The Upsetters
15. Fists Of Fury - Lee Perry
16. Herb Vendor - Horse Mouth
17. Cane River Rock - Lee Perry & The Upsetters
18. Riverside Rock - The Upsetters
19. Stay Dread - Lee Perry
20. Kentucky Skank - Lee Perry
21. Bathroom Skank - Lee Perry
22. Spiritual Whip - Jah Lloyd

Words Of My Mouth is one of the best collections of Lee Perry productions you can get. All of these songs date from the earliest days of the Black Ark and capture a definite mood: spooky and upsetting. Highlights include The Gatherers' amazing "Words Of My Mouth", Perry's bad ass "Fists Of Fury", and the crazy "Kentucky Skank". The terrific "Cane River Rock" by The Upsetters is one of my favorite Perry productions - it takes you on a wild motorcycle ride through the streets of Kingston with "Tighten Up" playing on a transistor radio. Trojan has also released an even more upsetting sequel collection called Chapter 2 Of Words which picks up where this one leaves off. There is also a Chapter 3, which isn't as crucial but still worth seeking out.

See also Chapter 2 Of Words and Chapter 3: Live As One.

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