Some notes on the Eternal Thunder discography

Compiling a Lee Perry discography is a monumental task. Scratch was involved directly or indirectly in so many songs in a 40 year career that it is near impossible to make a complete and accurate listing of them all. While creating this discography, I was simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume of material as well as the problems of how to logically present it on a website. Therefore, I realized that I would have to limit the number of entries to make things simple.

7" singles and 12" Singles have been mainly limited to releases on labels which Lee Perry was directly involved with (eg: Upsetter, Justice League, Black Art, etc) or labels that he has appeared on as a solo artist. There are hundreds of records on dozens of labels which have some connection to Lee Perry and to attempt even a brief listing of them all would be impractical. Albums and Compilations were either produced and/or performed by Lee Perry. Other Appearances contain albums and compilations that have a notable connection to Lee Perry, such as a one-off production, alternate version, or guest vocals. Bogus is where all of the bootleg and poor quality releases have been listed in an effort to steer fans clear of them. Finally, the All Star Top 10 Lists is where a variety of well-known "reggaeologists" have listed their favourite Lee Perry productions.

Mick Sleeper