LP: Tad's
CD: Makasound

Tad's LP:
01. Marcus (Disco Style)
02. Johnnie Too Bad (Disco Style)
03. Every Wolf (Disco Style)
04. Give Us A Break
05. Run Come
06. African Children
07. Black And White

Makasound CD:
01. Give Us A Break
02. Every Wolf
03. Johnny Too Bad
04. Marcus
05. Zion Calling
06. People In The Neighbourhood
07. Run Come
08. Black People
09. African Children
10. Instrumental 1
11. Instrumental 2
12. Instrumental 3

Famous for their rocksteady hit "Johnny Too Bad", The Slickers only recorded one album, and what and album it is. Featuring several tracks recorded at the Black Ark and containing three dynamite discomixes on side one, Breakthrough is boss: heavy roots with the sizzling Black Ark sound.

The Makasound CD version of Breakthrough is a nice but seriously flawed release. First of all, the CD was remixed by Clive Hunt, which waters down the original Jeffrey Chung mix slightly. Second, none of the great discomixes from the original LP were included on the set; in their place there are two previously unreleased tracks ("Zion Calling" and "People In The Neighborhood"). Finally, for some strange reason, Makasound decided to include three untitled instrumentals as bonus tracks. Why they didn't include the discomixes as bonus tracks instead is beyond me. These criticisms aside, the Makasound CD is still a welcome release for a hard to find album that always deserved a wider audience.

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