THE REGGAE TRAIN 1968 - 1971
CD: Trojan CDTRL261

I Am The Upsetter - Lee Perry
Kimble - Lee Perry
People Grudgeful - Sir Gibbs

The Reggae Train is a terrific collection of early reggae from Joe Gibbs' Amalgamated label with some associated Perry tracks. The seminal "I Am The Upsetter" is Scratch's famous song aimed at Coxsone Dodd, and "Kimble" is a crazy tribute to David Janssen's character on the 1960s TV show The Fugitive, complete with screams and breaking glass. "People Grudgeful" is Joe Gibbs' answer to the devastating "People Funny Boy", and is a surprisingly good comeback to Perry's famous rant ("You spit in the sky, it fall in your eye, that's no lie..."). Many of the Amalgamated sessions were actually produced (uncredited) by Scratch, so it's likely he was behind the mixing desk for a lot of these tunes.

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