CD: Heartbeat CDHB136

01. Upsetters A Go Go
02. Grave Yard Bully
03. No Joke
04. Lock It Up
05. What About Africa
06. Zang Zang Zay
07. Move One Way
08. Soul Constitution
09. X-Ray Vision
10. Cypriano
11. Looking Dread
12. Mama I Love You
13. Red Or Red
14. Rise And Shine
15. Mellow Mood
16. Tan Yah

Upsetters A Go Go is a nice collection of rare and unreleased Upsetters tracks restored and remixed by Glen Adams in 1995 (Scratch wasn't involved). At times, the remixing ends up in the bad idea department (like Coxsone's infamous syndrums on Studio One tracks), but other times they are interesting additions. For instance, "Cypriano" suffers from some added digital percussion, but "Grave Yard Bully" has Adams doing some nice synth work on the "You Can Run" rhythm. Not for the purists, but if you're an Upsetters fan who doesn't mind the remix treatment, check it out.

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