I've Got The Groove

I've Got The Groove - George Faith


Most of Lee Perry's Black Ark productions in the late 1970s were dread roots numbers with mind-bending dubs. Sitting nicely outside of that canon came George Faith – a singer who was certainly more Afro than dreadlocks – who recorded an album of Black Ark soul with Scratch, To Be A Lover.


It's interesting to compare the list of 1976 UK singles to the 1977 one. While 1976 featured more than a dozen heavy roots tunes from Max Romeo, Junior Murvin, Jah Lion and The Heptones, 1977 was a short list of mainly love songs, including the pulsing and seductive "I've Got The Groove".


In 1978, Scratch recorded new material with Faith that was a lot more roots than soul. Other than the striking "Guide Line" and the more mellow "Don't Be Afraid", none of it has been released.


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