Philistines On The Land

Philistines On The Land - Junior Murvin


Lee Perry used the "Police And Thieves" rhythm for nine songs, including two outstanding songs by Junior Murvin: "Bad Weed" and the deadly "Philistines On The Land".


Like "Police And Thieves" and "Bad Weed", "Philistines" is a corrosive look at how lousy society has become. With that idea in mind, you can look at the three songs as a kind of trilogy, with Junior as a Jamaican Dante descending into hell. And that's no exaggeration, as Junior's lyrics create fearsome metaphors throughout the song ("Philistines are crawling across the land / With teeth as sharp as a razor / And a three point fork in hand...")


The song (and it's terrific dub, "Bingo Kid") features some distinctive bubbling guitar work from Earl "Chinna" smith, one of Scratch's Black Ark regulars in 1977.


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