Rasta No Pickpocket – Junior Byles

Rasta No Pickpocket - Junior Byles

The music that Lee Perry and Junior Byles made together stands out as not only a high point in both of their careers, but as a high point in reggae. Any fan will know and love classic Byles-Perry tunes such as "A Place Called Africa" and "Curly Locks", but "Rasta No Pickpocket" is an often overlooked gem.

Over a well-crafted rockers rhythm, Byles delivers a passionate yet laid back vocal. The words are serious, and yet the vibe is like Byles has smoked a couple of spliffs and is stating his case. The song is an attack on false Rastas: those who wear their hair in dreads but lead a decidedly baldhead lifestyle. "You think it's the hair on your head / That makes you dreader than dread / But it's the heart within / Rasta no dwell in sin..."

The B-side, "Pickpocket Skank", is one of Scratch's finest early dub shots, with the rhythm being broken apart and treated to heavy doses of reverb with explosive snippets of guitar.

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