Preacher Man

Preacher Man - The Stingers


The Stingers only recorded a handful of tunes for Scratch, but all of them were top ranking: "Forward Up", "Give Me Power" and the sizzling "Preacher Man". Originally released in Jamaica as a Justice League 7", it was also issued on this Upsetter UK single in 1972.

Accompanied by a poweful organ riff, the Stingers warn of wolves in sheep clothing: men of the cloth who can be less than righteous. "Some a walk with Bible / Some a walk with hymn book / Some a walk and say now / Dem a preacher man / What a whole lotta wicked, dem..." Although not written about the subject, "Preacher Man" certainly rings just as true today in the context of widespread child abuse and other perversions among Catholic priests.

Unfortunately, the first couple seconds of the opening drum riff are cut off on the Upsetter UK single for some reason.


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