Cane River Rock

Cane River Rock - The Upsetters


"Cane River Rock" is a wonderfully weird piece of music that shows the more experimental side of Scratch's production skills. Using his rocking "Tighten Up" rhythm from 1969, Scratch created a unique and mind-bending number.


Two dreads have an incomprehensible argument before revving up their motorcycle for a fast and furious ride through the streets of Kingston, complete with honking horns and traffic noises. It's like sitting on the back of a motorcycle with "Tighten Up" blaring on a transistor radio as you make your way to a King Tubby dance. The song is reminiscent of the equally berserk "The Barber Feel It" by Dr. Alimantado and Jah Stitch.


It's interesting that Scratch would choose to do something like this in 1975, since after the Black Ark opened in 1973, he moved away from his more experimental productions (such as "Cow Thief Skank" and "Caveman Skank") in favour of a heavier roots sound. Who knows what we would have heard if he had dusted off some more of his older rhythm tracks?


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