Think So - The Meditations


"Think So" (AKA "Much Smarter") was the last song to be released on the famous Black Art label. Not only is it a great song, but it contains some extra meaning if you know a little of what was going on at the time.

After recording several strong singles with the Meditations, Scratch hoped to record an album with them; sadly, Island showed little or no interest. At the same time, Scratch was growing increasingly hostile towards dreadlocks, partly due to some grievances with members of the Congos and partly due to his own paranoia. To make matters worse, Scratch's partner Pauline soon left him and started a relationship with Danny Clarke from the Meditations. In all of these circumstances, the lines "you discriminate I / and call I a clown / but little do you know that / your whole philosophy will fall to the ground" carry some extra weight.

Sadly, within a few months of this release, things would fall apart for good for Scratch. It's a single that in its own way marks the end of an era.


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