Woman And Money – Denzil Dennis

Woman And Money - Denzil Dennis

It's a shame that Denzil Dennis didn't record more for Lee Perry, since "Woman And Money" is one of those scorchers that just leaves you wanting more.

Over a deadly rockers rhythm with droning synth overdubs, Dennis sneers and shrieks his vocal, a bluesy skank about the dangers of women and money. "What are the two most dangerous things in the world? That a man can't do without, he's got to have them? Well, this may sound funny, but it's woman and money..."

The song has an interesting (and long) history. Scratch built the rhythm track in England in 1973 with British reggae band Greyhound, then brought the track back to Jamaica for overdubs at the Black Ark, and then brought the song back to England again in 1974 to have Dennis record the vocal and add the distinctive synthesizer riffs.

Scratch nicely deconstructs the song for the B-side, "10 Cent Skank", with the honky tonk piano prominent throughout.

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