Yagga Yagga – Lee & Jimmy

Yagga Yagga - Lee & Jimmy

Music is filled with records where the B-side outweighs the A-side; "Yagga Yagga" definitely falls into this category. While "Rasta Train" is certainly an enjoyable tune, "Yagga Yagga" is a rocking scorcher that really should have been more famous in the Lee Perry catalogue.

After a mostly unintelligible bit of dialogue, the song starts with a prowling organ riff before the brakes are released and the song explodes into a raucous nursery rhyme. The Jimmy in Lee & Jimmy is Jimmy Riley, who also appears on the A-side and cut the excellent "I Man Stand Still" for Scratch as well as the devastating "Darkness On The City" (mistakenly credited to Judge Winchester). Some copies of this single contain a mislabelled "Chosen Dub" instead of "Yagga", which is a shame.

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