UK 12" singles by label: Seven Leaves

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Such Is Life - Creator (AKA Lord Creator)
Dread Dreader - Jolly Brothers
(Note: both sides are labelled Such Is Life - Creator)

SLDD 001

Brotherly Love - Hendrick Nicholson
West Of Knatchbull - Prodigal Creator
(Note: Brotherly Love features The Jolly Brothers; West Of Knatchbull produced by Tony J)

SL 003

Closer Together - Upsetter Revue featuring Junior Murvin
Dreadlocks In Moonlight - Lee Perry
(Note: Dreadlocks In Moonlight mistakenly credited to Upsetter Revue)

IPR 2010

Have A Little Faith - Jolly Brothers
Right Before My Eyes - Jolly Brothers

SL 008

What's The Use - Bunny Scott
I Never Had It So Good - Jimmy Riley
(Note: I Never Had It So Good mistakenly credited to Bunny Scott)

SLD 01

Groovy Situation - Keith Rowe
Groovy In Dub - Lee Perry
(Note: different mix than 1977 Black Swan 12")

SLD 02