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A million thanks and maximum respect to the following upsetters, who have provided music, information, inspiration, and good vibes to make sure Eternal Thunder isn't an eternal blunder...

Steve Barrow
Bruno Blum
Jean Pierre Bucher
Wade Carson
Jeremy Collingwood
Warren Friedman
Douglas Heselgrave
David Katz
The Kingpin
Lord Nitrogen
Kelly Maurice
Robert Nelson
Jesse Nonneman
Penny Reel


In 1995, the Beastie Boys published an eccentric overview of Lee Perry's career in their always entertaining Grand Royal magazine. Although most of Eternal Thunder has been changed since then, it was more or less my Bible as I created this website 10 years ago. Other valuable reference sources include:

People Funny Boy: The Genius of Lee "Scratch" Perry (David Katz)
Reggae: The Rough Guide (Steve Barrow & Peter Dalton)
Catch A Fire: The Life of Bob Marley (Timothy White)
The Secret History of Rock (Roni Sarig)
The Trouser Press Record Guide (Ira A. Robbins)
The sleeve notes to Arkology
Beat magazine
Upsetter magazine
Roots Archives
Smokey Room

The Eternal Thunder discography was created with the help of Jeremy Collingwood and David Katz' Give Me Power.

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