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Upsetting words of wisdom

Help the weak if you are strong. (Help The Weak)
He who speaketh lies shall perish. (Baffling Smoke Signal)
Too much illusion brings on confusion. (Justice To The People)
Fascination with evil throws good things into the shade. (Ghetto Sidewalk)
The western world is a fraud. (Captive)
Free your mind, and the devil dead. (De Devil Dead)
Empty handed you came, empty handed you go. (So You Come)
Open your eyes and try to be wise. (Old For New)
Fire is coming to the heads of government. (Heads Of Government)
Live a life that you love, and love the life that you live. (Whip Whop Man)
The seed you sow, that's what will grow. (Wishes Of The Wicked)
Who wants the most will get the least. (Prince In The Back)
The knife that sticks the sheep also sticks the goat. (Dreadlocks In Moonlight)
Let's wipe out all the bad. (Radication Squad)
The truth ain't got no friends. (Mr. Dobberman)
Every man have his own opinion. (Bionic Rats)
Bed jammin' is a must. (Bed Jammin')
Take your time, dig it man. (Chicken Scratch)

March 1999