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Reverse The Curse
The Madman Becomes A Psychiatrist
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Reverse The Curse

When King Jammy's "Sleng Teng" burst onto the scene in 1985, the all-digital rhythm galvanized Perry. Since he had been using drum machines since the 1970s, the idea of creating rhythms with a machine appealed to Perry immediately. The new, digital sound of the Black Ark was born.



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News As It Happens: December 2008

Welcome to Upsetter Station, the magazine component of Eternal Thunder. Upsetter Station is where you will find in-depth articles on Lee Perry and his music by Mick Sleeper as well as other authors and "reggaeologists".

I wish I could crank out articles for Upsetter Station more often, but the truth is I am a lazy man and can only really write well when the inspiration strikes.

I've always been a fan of "what if" scenarios, such as Len Deighton's novel SS-GB, which wonders what it would have been like if Germany had invaded England and won the Second World War. While not as dramatic in scope as Deighton's novel, I wondered what might have happened if the Black Ark had survived.

Lee Perry was supposed to come to my hometown during a brief tour of Canada in the fall. Although the shows were cancelled, I wrote a profile of Lee Perry for the CBC in anticipation of his performance.

My fellow Canadian and Upsetter fan Doug Heselgrave contributes a nice profile and interview of Lee Perry from 2006.

Although I don't really like writing album reviews, The Mighty Upsetter is such a terrific album I'm happy to make an exception. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: don't let this album pass under your radar.

Finally, in my continuing series on the classic Black Ark albums, I take a detailed look at the amazing Super Ape.

Rock it in the backyard,
Mick Sleeper