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The Upsetter (Carl Gayle, Black Music, 1975)
The Upsetter Part 2 (Carl Gayle, Black Music, 1975)
Kingston Report Part 2 (Neil Spencer, New Musical Express, 1976)
Spikey Heads Meet Dreadlocks (Neil Spencer, New Musical Express, 1977)
Starting From Scratch (Chris May, Black Music, 1977)
Starting From Scratch Part 2 (Chris May, Black Music, 1977)
Understanding And Overstanding (Neil Spencer, New Musical Express, 1978)
From Ocean Of Sound (David Toop, 1995)
From a review of Arkology (Robert Nelson, Dub Missive, 1997)
Mercenary Visionary (Jim DeRogatis, Chicago Reader, 1997)
I Am The Dub Organizer (Ian McCann, Mixmag, 1997)
This Is A Message To Michael Jackson (Rowan Chernin, Loaded, 1998)
Go To (Rob Young, The Wire, 1999)
Western Consciousness Lures Lee Perry (Basil Walters, Jamaica Observer, 2006)