A time to sow and a time to reap
Yes my friend
The seed you sow
That's what you shall reap
I'll tell you again
You light the fire under this Nyah
But it no work out
You're just a weakheart

"Dreadlocks In Moonlight" - Lee Perry

All the crimes committed
Day by day
No one tried to stop them
In any way
All the peace makers
Have turned war officers
Hear what I say

"Police & Thieves" - Junior Murvin

You take people for fools
And use them as tools...
I told you once to run
But you take it all in fun
I am the upsetter
You'll never get away from me

"I Am The Upsetter" - Lee Perry

A time will come when every fig tree
Shall find it's own vine
That's the only solution
To end all these crimes

"Open The Gate" - Watty Burnett

Too much illusion brings on confusion
Too much confusion brings botheration
Without food and cash
A man will get rash

"Justice To The People" - Lee Perry

The wicked will run
When judgement a come
Down here in Babylon
The righteous will stand
Upright on the land
Down here in Babylon

"Down Here In Babylon" - Brent Dowe

Send us another Moses
To lead the nation
The hungry must be fed
So there'll be no more sufferation
The children
Are crying in the wilderness

"Children Crying" - The Congos

Can I speak to the Upsetter?
No, he's busy! Arranging his reggae: revolutionary poetry
that is taking over from the heads of government...

"Thank You" - Lee Perry

The Lion of Judah
Shall break every chain
And give us the victory
All over again

"Informer Man" - Junior Byles

Evil eyes and wicked heart
I saw them coming from afar
Coming to play their part
You want the lion's share
But Jah Jah know that no fair

"Evil Tongues" - Lee Perry

You can't take the truth out of our hearts
And you can't make a finish if you didn't start

"Keep On Skanking" - The Wailers

When you were down and out
I used to help you out
But now that you win jackpot
You don't remember that

"People Funny Boy" - Lee Perry

Where will they run to?
Where are they going to hide?
What will the wicked tell Jah
On that judgement day?

"Judgement Day" - Clive Hylton

You think it's the hair on your head
That makes you dreader than dread
But it's the heart within
Rasta no dwell in sin

"Rasta No Pickpocket" - Junior Byles

From Genesis to Revelation
Here I come
Here I come to dub the nation!

"Kingdom Of Dub" - Lee Perry

One day he laughs at you
And another day he laughs with you
If you win the game, he shakes your hand
If you lose the race, you lose a friend

"John Public" - Errol Walker

Instead of hate and malice
We should be sipping chalice

"Free Up The Weed" - Lee Perry

We should really love each other
In peace and harmony
Instead we're fussing and fighting
Like we ain't supposed to be

"Fussing And Fighting" - The Wailers

This is Madman Scratchy
You better watch it
He draw matches and the place go "boom!"

"25 Years" - Lee Perry

You can't judge a book by its cover
Just turn the pages and read

"Stand Up" - Eric Donaldson

And speaking of life in the ghetto
Where survival is the motto
I'm putting it you that
Poverty is a sin

"Uptown Babies Don't Cry " - Max Romeo

Every man have his own opinion
Everyone want to reign dominion
But Jah Jah set a super trap
To catch all you bionic rats

"Bionic Rats" - Lee Perry

You discriminate I
And call I a clown
But little do you know
That your whole philosophy
Will fall to the ground

"Think So " - The Meditations

I love to sing love songs
But I have got a war on my hands and I have got to win it
When I win the war, I will come back and sing you all love songs

"African Hitchhiker" - Lee Perry

What happened to the younger generation
Led away by the voice of Satan
When Jah Jah come
Me say hell fire burn
When Jah Jah come
Babylon have fe run

"When Jah Comes" - Devon Irons

Take your time, dig it man

"Chicken Scratch" - Lee Perry

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