Outerviews: Return Of The Grim Reaper

At last, Lee "Scratch" Perry the Upsetter saying in a loud voice: REPENT MINISTERS OF CRIMES, REPENT GOVERNORS OF WRONGS, and this is my brand new song, coming from the sea and sun, Jamaica, the island in the sun, Emperor Haile Selassie I. Lightning and Thunder, Hailstone, Brimstone and Fire, Music; whirlwind, hurricane and tidalwave judgement mixed by Earthquake the Ambassador, produced by Flood.

Jesus Christ's blood on the cross, while a piece of shit stuck in Moses' ass when he was writing the Ten Commandments, as well in transfiguration of Jesus Christ on Mount Sinai, lightning flashing out of his eye, riding his white horse.

Lightning, thunder, ball of fire, 1980 and 8 future. Mosiah Zodiac, the weather interpretor. Pipecock Jackxon, Jack Lightning, Jesse the Hammer, Magnetic Abaja Perry. Push bush alight, 'cause it is Lee "Scratch" Perry who control all the American assets and world economic structure: the 100 cash index, all millions, trillions, zillions of dollars, and all millions, trillions, and billions in pounds hijack and kidnap by Jesus Christ. My sweet prick who piss, and rain come; shake his cock, and lightning flash; fart, and thunder roll.

God, the Upsetter, Him that sent I. Music sceptre, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect of God, Light of the World, Earth's rightful ruler, evil cooler, INRI. I am the "He" that sent I to scorch with lightning and burn with ball of fire, through the heart of this world, Selah. Selassie-I All, Ali-Kali-Eye.

Lex Luthor

Seven seas and seven, seal, Neptune world, nose code. I am the future -- and all who doubt it, go and ask Satan: Lucifer, de Devil, Phantom Pluto, Lex Luthor, the arch criminal from Krypton (Phantom Zone Jail), where he escape in a pail of shit by drinking acid and turning into mercury, in Oblivion. But I came and I saw and I conquer. I came to London, England, Britain, and conquered. I capture Lex Luthor with my Teddy Bear, my Hair, and my Invisible Chair, and my 144,000 Mosquito Angels what sting with lightning, pssssst.


I am carrying a personal feeling for BBC radio and BBC television, because they fight against the truth. And that's why they don't want to play my records for the public, because they know my words are the truth that represent the true and living God's predictions of prophecy and things that must happen on Earth, written from Heaven by Moses' law: "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth."

I, Pipecock Jackxon, Jack Lightning, Jesse the Hammer, Lee "Scratch" Perry (Perry Lee: £ for pound, $ for Scratch, and "D" for Daniel Dandelion the Lion; Jah, Jehoviah, Jah Rastafari the Crumbler; black supremacy, black music; the ghost of King Arthur and his sword, Excalibur -- the oath of the King: "Death Before Dishonor") put a curse on BBC radio and television, and BBC government that they can never overcome or undo until they repent and start playing Mr. Perry records morning, noon, night and day, and around the clock - tic toc.

Tic tic toe. Big Ben de time clock is my headmaster. Together we interpretate disaster for the popes, de deacons, and de pastor, for all who don't piss, shit and poop, and spit and fuck
(makin' love like it is), hold up them hand and God will strike them with lightning, 'cause He know that they will be committing a sin, that their grandfather and grandmother did in the beginning, tempted by sin.

Legalize Ganja

Angels sing and God smile, for the angels sing the sweetest song God ever heard: Lee "Scratch" Perry legalize ganja. De devil dead. Lee "Scratch" Perry legalize Kali, internationally. Lee "Scratch" Perry legalize ganja, universally. Lee "Scratch" Perry legalize cannabis, and it globally. De devil dead. Kill it with lightning head.

17 million B.C. Waterfall and water-rise. Tarzan and the Jungle survive. The Master is in full control. God never lose a war and from the beginning, God was black like tar. And all who think God white, tell me what color them think them shadow have. Stand up in the light, and they will see a shadow transfer from their body. And tell me what color the shadow have, is it black or white?

Highthy Tighties

Highty tighties, mighty mighties. Jah is mightier. Jah is wicked, wickeder than the wicked. Jah is strong, stronger than the strong. Jah is right, righter than the wrong. Jah is evil, eviller than the evils, 'cause it is HE, Jah, who creates the good and evils, and it is HE, Jah, who create the good and bad. Jah is cruel, crueler than the cruel. Jah is mean, meaner than the mean.

Jah meanie-meanie-tekel nick hell riches, nick hell wealth, nick hell fortune, and nick hell fame; nick hell mo-neyum and cashum with opium, onion, garlics, scallion, and thyme. A.D. vendetta, the Upsetter, riding the alligator as the Grim Reaper: Killer of thief-ers. Butcherer of traitors. Exterminator of vampires. Liquidator of robbers. And the exterminator of the I.M.F. And the liquidator of the rich. And presenter of the poor. For the rich shall be poorer, and the poor shall be richer. It is a switch connection, coming from Buddha, from Oblivion, where He sits in Infinity.

The great ball of fire, volcano lava. Marcus Garvey, God horse. Lightning and thunder, first class. The first aeroplane without engine, that president George Bush mention on television, this is it: it name Lightning and Thunder, God's riding horse. Garvey made it.

Black Moses, the honorable Marcus Garvey, the Prophet. Words that live forever, the God uncomparable words that bring rain from the sky, flash lightning, and roll thunder; that change the weather, and make the weather cry, whipping them from the sky with the Holy Mystic Eye. Thank God for Jesus Christ: Marijuana. Kali. Ganja. Tampy. Lambsbread. Sensimillia. Black Hash. Rocky. Time Weed.

Tick cop. Tut-tut cop. I am the mop who don't shoot. I chop, and who I don't run through with my sword, I slew them with my rod.


This is a magic potion name VoomVATa, and it have a name: BoomTAXa. Voom VATters and boom TAXers. And as for you Locksers, repent, before I cut another stench and defuse thee with my shit-pipe, hot-pipe. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Voice of the Master, laughin' in the Echo Chamber. I repeat: I break the spell, and I undo what the wicked have done. I now turn the Table of Life, and make the rich poor and the poor rich. All that a rich man have will be taken away and given to the poor. And if them argue about it, we will shoot them in this full-scale glorious revolution of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Super Ape firmament, Ten Commandments. Death to liars. Death to heathens. Death to pagans. Death to vampires. Death to thief. Death to robbers. Death to Rulers of Sins and Commanders of Murders in Cold Blood. An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. That day gonna be a blood bath, soon.

Words from the Almighty: God in the Moon, Africa baboon, Balloon man, Marcus Garvey (seven mile of Black Star Liners). Water and flood, blood fe blood, fire fe fire. Thunder vex and slew de Devil in his Echoplex.

"The time has come," says Elijah. Time Boom present the return of the Grim Reaper: Death riding on a horse in the cloud with 144,000 Death Angels to conquer Egypt, and slew the first born of every royal family. History repeat itself. The Book in unfold, the mystery untold. Miracles by the score, with a natural mystic blowing through the air, and if you listen carefully, you will hear the news, and you will see the news.

Big News Flash

Lee "Flash Gordon" Perry with the Kits of Life and the Key to the Future: Heaven Galaxy of Stars, and Saturn, Jupiter and Mars; Atlas A-Z, Lee "Scratch" Perry and the electric fire on his head say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. De Devil dead. Amen.