Outerviews: Mick Sleeper

In December 1997, a friend and neighbour of Lee Perry sent me an e-mail saying that Scratch had heard about this thing called the internet, and wanted to know what was up with Lee Perry on the internet. He asked his neighbour to look into it. Naturally, they found Eternal Thunder, and Scratch was "very impressed". He sent me the following message:

A to Z Atlas Cyrus Mick Master
Black Ark
Angel Gabriel in Personal
I am Lion Star
God ET
Jah Rastafari
£$P USA $$

Scratch also let me know that he wanted to talk with me as soon as possible. I was stunned and excited. A week later, I contacted Scratch by phone at his home in Switzerland. I had to hang on tight as Scratch was the words man and the herbs man, but we had a very interesting chat, sang a quick duet, and I got his thoughts on some of my favourite songs.

(A toy horn toots)

Scratch: Hello!

Sleeper: Hello, Mr. Perry!

Scratch: Are you ready?

Sleeper: I am ready!

Scratch: Well then, if you are ready Mr. Sleeper, then wake up!

Sleeper: (Laughing) I am awake now.

Scratch: Because here is Mr. Creeper! (laughs)

Sleeper: I am very pleased to finally talk with the creator who sits upon the equator, the Upsetter, Lee "Scratch" Perry!

Scratch: Yes, I have it all written here. I am the music creator. Who sits upon the equator with doo doo poo poo poom poom poom toof toof. And paff. UFO S. UFO S. That mean extraterrestrial flying object. ET is Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Africa, Excalibur, and I stand alone. Do you know why I stand alone? They say "no man stand alone", but I am not a man. I am nature's grace. The Celtic shaman. Wisdom. Yeah.

Sleeper: I have heard from your friend that you've seen my Lee Perry website. How do you like it?

Scratch: Lee Perry what?

(His wife explains in the background)

Scratch: It was wonderful! You know why it's so wonderful to me?

Sleeper: Why?

Scratch: Because you program my internet, and I am the real winter, winternet. I am the winternet, and you created my internet. So my winternet is now in your internet. My winternet is my autumn and my summer and my winter and my springnet. My four season net are now in your internet.

Sleeper: That's good to hear.

Scratch: You are with me?

Sleeper: Indeed. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Scratch: I am the first scientist who mixed the reggae and found out what the reggae really is. The reggae created so much cocaine streggae and cause so much trouble and cancer and destruction. I am also the archangel who blow all the trumpet (toots on his toy horn). Seven trumpets of judgement and justice for my people. My people love my brain, and they don't criticize my brain, they enjoy my brain. And why shouldn't I love my people who love my brain? (Sings) Don't you know I have a net called the internet, and I form my winternet right into the Sleeper internet... So wake up, Sleeper, because the lion roars! RRRRR!

Sleeper: Alright, sir. I am awake now!

Scratch: Well, right now I'm gonna say that I don't need no reggae singers. No reggae DJs, no reggae MCs, no reggae musicians in my winternet. Neither in my internet, I change my mind, and I change everything. I am an artist that no producers or promoters or no company can take a chance with. Because I can change my mind anytime, and if anyone want to sign me up for a contract they are making the biggest mistake because I am going to change my mind after signing the contract (roars with laughter). With my musical treasures, and my musical pleasures. In London, in Switzerland, and everywhere. I am the creeper who creep into the internet with fire (roars with laughter again). How you like that?

Sleeper: Right on!

Scratch: I understand that you want to ask me a couple of questions, and I will allow you the time, Mr. Sleeper, because I am Mr. Creeper. The creator who sits upon the equator. That recreates his brain into the internet. And it is written in the contents of April 1997 that I say "don't call me a reggae man". Because in the word reggae, "R". RRRR. And I am a king, not a raggamuffin!

Sleeper: Yes, sir!

Scratch: And at my shows you could see that all are sold out and they are all white fans. You see few who look like me. If you see ten blacks in my show, then you need glasses, go see your doctor and say "I think I see twenty black people in Lee "Scratch" Perry show", and the doctor will tell you "no, it is not possible". You see, they sold out with all the white fans. That is correct, isn't it?

Sleeper: I only saw a few black guys in Vancouver.

Scratch: Well, I am the duppy conqueror, and I write "Jah Live", that means I am Jah Live. I am Jah Live, and I am duppy conqueror, and I am small axe. Now Mr. Sleeper, I will present ashes and dust music company, and £$P pound, shilling, and pence to defend the people who defend my brain. Well, all those tapes have been stolen from Mr. Perry because they discover that Mr. Perry was creating the African arkology. And if he have the facts of life and the wizzy, then why shouldn't we steal it? Pauline decide to poison me and go to Haiti to get the drugs that turn people into zombie. It did not work, it turn me into Superman. The zombie drugs that make people come out of their brain cannot work on me, nothing work on me (laughs). Why nothing works on me is because righteousness exalts my nation, and sinners are opposed to the evil nation that are thief, who love the thief brain. And thief tapes, and thief master tapes and sell to record company. I did not die. I come back and survive and come back in the ice. And give reggae pon my vice to show that I am Jesus Christ (laughs). How do you like that?

Sleeper: Excellent! Are you ready for --

Scratch: I close reggae door, and give reggae to the poor like Bob Marley say. How do you like that? I don't want to be poor! I want to be making rich rhythm, rich dub, and rich love. Everything I do, it must be rich. So Lord God Jah Rastafari want to make rich music, rich rhythm, rich dub, and rich love, and rich happiness, because poor is a curse. Ha ha ha ha ha! Jesus went up into the mountains and said blessed are the meek, and blessed are the humble, for they shall meet I in the blackboard jungle when the lion roar -- RRRRAAAA! Blessed are the meek, because they shall find what they seek in Switzerland on the mountain peak. So the Ark of the Covenant is no longer in Jamaica, it's in Switzerland! And now is about time that you ask me your question that you put on the internet that I speak to you through my winternet.

Sleeper: Alright. Are you ready for some questions now?

Scratch: Ooooh, well my briefcase is now controlling all the universal power. I say I am the master of all heads, and I chop off heads with my rhythm and blues dub computer. Thumping disco. Thumping from skull cave. I'm thumping so hard that I thump out my whole house at Washington Gardens and knock out my whole house, garden, and crescent. And no power on Earth can get Lee "Scratch" Perry to spend another night in Washington Gardens with my son who is so evil and so thief. Who come from a thieving black woman they call Pauline. She is no more Pauline, she is Paulout! Sell all of my tapes to some people, but I don't want to cause any problem by calling them by name. That is why Arkology, all those tapes, I don't know anything about that, all I know is that dreads are dangerous. Beware of dreads! My baby was not born dread, so if you are a dread, this is my message: "beware of dreads". Because when you knot up your head, you knot up your brain. And those who knot up their brain are fucking dangerous! So I am going to open up some barber shops! Like Hare Krishna and Santa Claus, I must invest my money in barber shops instead of in reggae. How you like that?

Sleeper: Right on!

Scratch: So now I am open from the east and the west and the north and the south for all your interviews. You can ask me your questions, sir. I am ready.

Sleeper: You've said that you don't deal with the past, that if the past needs you it will have to come to you. Well, the past has come to you, because now we have all kinds of Lee Perry music being reissued, and the Lee Perry box set, and magazine articles, and all the thing. How do you feel about that?

Scratch: The past will have to come to me, because I have suffered so much in the past. That is a foolish child who do the past twice! So why should I go back there to be beaten four time? I would be so stupid! You are responsible for yourself, if you don't help anyone then you won't get help from anyone, and if you don't protect yourself, God won't protect you. If you don't save yourself, then God won't save you, he will say "okay, you are stupid, go to hell!" because you're not protecting yourself. I have been beaten at Washington Gardens, my tapes have been stolen, my original creation of all the reggae music has been stolen. You want me to go back to that? I love my fans. Now, I mean, heh heh, I'm going to create rock music and pop music now with my money and my brain and my magic cap and magic boots and my magic merchandise until they call me Merchant Christ.

Sleeper: What about all those reissued albums and box sets?

Scratch: Well, I cannot feel very good about that because they are all piracy, and I'm not collecting any royalties. I should be the richest man on planet Earth, but all of my tapes have been stolen by my good, lovely Jamaican friends, and my Jamaican wife, and my Jamaican sweetheart, and my Jamaican son and daughter. And I cannot thief from myself, I cannot thief from my kids, they keep all my tapes and sell them! Children have all those things from Pauline and Tony - there's one dread in England called Tony with a ball of stinky rat locks on his head... You see, all these things happen to me, and so I don't want to go back into the reggae, because I'm getting no royalties from none of them! All are stolen tapes. That's why I'm hiding in here, because I don't want them to steal my bald head next. Because they might discover that everything comes from my heart, and they might want to cut out my heart next. So, I say "ta ta" to reggae, that's why I sending reggae to Sleeper again, because he is very tired. Reggae is going to be international, but Lee "Scratch" Perry won't be any part of it. Any record company that put my name to reggae, I'm going to sue them.

Sleeper: You've said in another interview that reggae is boring, and dub is where it's at. Why do you think reggae is boring when you've made such fantastic reggae?

Scratch: Well, reggae belongs to Coxsone and dreads and Jamaica. I was the first scientist to mix it, and I didn't create nothing but streggaes, and I don't want no part of streggaes anymore, I want some freedom. So I have to let it go. Who loves it, loves it, but I want no part of it in my future. My music have to be something crazy, otherwise kids will not love my crazy brain.

Sleeper: I have read that you're building a new studio in your home, the Blue Ark. How is that coming along?

Scratch: You are right, only it's the White Ark.

Sleeper: It's now the White Ark?

Scratch: The White Ark, because I don't have any tape from the Black Ark. I don't have any of the Black Ark tape, and I have no royalty from the Black Ark, so I'm going to create a White Ark now. And I'm going to have all my tape from the White Ark, and I'm going to have all of my money from the White Ark. For sure. I create the Black Ark, and the Black Ark take away all my tapes. Children have them, and Island have them, and everybody have them. So if I create another Black Ark, they will take my black skin next! I'm going to create a White Ark in my white laboratory.

Sleeper: So when will we hear some new music from the White Ark?

Scratch: You will be hearing things from the White Ark, and you will know that this is music from the real White Ark.

Sleeper: Your music has a powerful vibration to it. Do you only have positive vibrations, or do you have negative vibrations as well?

Scratch: My music is a healer, and I'm working for the music. My negative vibration is the fire that penalize them. I send them to hell! That's my negative vibration, to send traitors to hell. And my positive vibration send people to heaven. Everyone have negative and positive vibration because we make up of positive and negative poles. My negative pole is to send those who steal from I straight to hell, and my positive pole is to send those who help I straight up into the pinnacle of heaven.

Sleeper: When you shit your enemies cry, when you speak, they die.

Scratch: Definitely! When I shit my enemies cry, when I speak they die. And you cannot change this legend.

Sleeper: People either call you a genius or a madman. Which do you think you are?

Scratch: If God was no mad man, I would never follow him. I wouldn't want to follow a God who is stupid enough to forgive evil. Evil must be punished! I would not worship a God who forgives evil, after he says "repent" and you don't repent and you are still doing evil and he forgives you again. If he can't punish you, then I don't believe in a God who does not punish evil and send evil straight to hell. And send the righteous to heaven.

Sleeper: Do you like it when people think you are crazy, or would you like them to know the truth?

Scratch: The people who think I am crazy, they were programmed to think I am crazy! The people who think I am crazy are jealous, gravalicious, wicked, have no brain, or cocaine out their brain. They don't know the past, they don't know the present, they don't know the future, they mock up the future while the future laugh at them: "ha ha ha, I got you now".

Sleeper: Well, I think you pretend to be crazy to delight your fans and confound your enemies. Am I right?

Scratch: When I shit, my enemies take sick. When I speak, they split! And when I speak again, they vomit. Send them to the doctor to go cure them. There is no cure for my enemies! They die on my sword, Excalibur. I am the real King Arthur. You hear the song? "Then sings my soul, my father God, how great thou art". I am a living art! And the music is my thoughts. (Sings) "When God comes, with fire and thunder, rolling through all the university..." Then we say: "Then sings my soul, the power of God to me..."

Sleeper & Scratch: "How great thou art, how great thou art..."

Scratch: For making me King Arthur. And giving me Excalibur. To send wicked spirits and evil demons and evil duppies straight to hell. I stand alone! On the microphone. With all my pound, shillings, and pence. I go to Japan and kaput Japan economy. And I kaput German economy, I kaput Russian economy. I pack up the Russians with my rock, and I rock up the Americans with my cock. Rock up the Germans and say I am the wordsman, I am the herbsman, and I kaput your economy for insulting me and putting me on the reggae program. I am ET. Ethiopia.

Sleeper: So if I told you some of my favorite Lee Perry productions, could you tell me a bit about them?

Scratch: Lee Perry productions from the past, the present, and the future, or from now?

Sleeper: Well, from the past, even though you don't go there.

Scratch: In the past, I have built the Black Ark studio. I was creating a dread brain. When I did that, I did not know I was not supposed to be dread. Because if I was dread, I would look like dread, and everything I do would be dread and dreadful. When I discovered I was creating a dread brain, it was so terrible for me I burned it out and save my brain. So the Black Ark was too black and too dread, it was stifling me. My black brothers were begrudging me so much they wanted to kill me. So instead of creating black and white, I was creating something that was too black. Even though I am black, I have to burn it down, to save my white fans. I have to burn up my brain, it was too black for me. Instead of creating something black and white, I make a big mistake and create something too black, it want to eat me up. Bad dog! Bow wow wow! Woof, woof, grrrrr. So I have to run. And then my white fans see that I am the creator, and accept me and say "we can't do without you - here, have a new brain" and send me to the ice, in the igloo to recreate my new Merlin brain!

Sleeper: (Amused but impatient) So if I name some of my favorite songs, could you tell me a bit about them?

Scratch: With pleasure!

Sleeper: "Public Jestering" by Judge Winchester.

Scratch: "Public Jestering". You mean the people who want to have a crowd, a big crowd, and because they don't really want you to know the word about Rastafari, about God. They want to create a big thing, and people say "yes, he is the man now!" People like Mutabaruka, who was public jestering on the radio in Jamaica. Mutabaruka is one of the public jesterers. And he jester very much on the radio in Jamaica, and people believe him. He jester about the white man taking away from the black man, but this is because the black man was stupid! To let the white man take away what is yours. If you have something and they want, leave them take it, because they won't have it for long. So instead we should be creating love between the black and white so we can have a better nation. Because when black is working together, we are too greedy, and when white is working together, them are too greedy. But when we have black and white mix, then we all understand and have control and say "look, you are being too greedy, you are taking too much of mine, let's talk about it before we have a fight". So we can create a black and white nation in unity - one God, one aim, one destiny - instead of the black want it all and the white want it all, and create a tug of war, and cause public jestering.

Sleeper: Tell me about "Brotherly Love" by the Jolly Brothers.

Scratch: Brotherly love, brotherly vibe. I make that song because one of the dreads was suffering, and I get asked to do a session for him. So I make it because he was suffering. But I don't know the artists too much, they just come to the studio and do a job. And the job was done because they want to help a dread. So that's what "Brotherly Love" or brotherly whatever you want to call it is about. One hand wash the other. You help another man to get off the ground. That's all I know about it.

Sleeper: What about "Medical Operation" by The Upsetters?

Scratch: "Medical Operation" by The Upsetters. That's what we doing now! Every time the music reach a stop, instead of killing the music, we take the music to the lab, and perform a medical operation and bring the music back in a new generation! If it was in the old bag, and the old bag have so much pirates - Captain Cook, Captain Hook - everybody want to be the top gun, and them create the reggae. And you leave it to them, and you take back the music, because the music is a baby, and you don't want it to be used and abused. So you take the music back to the lab and give the music -- which is a patient -- a medical injection, and out of the medical injection you perform a live meditation, and a live creation, and a live injection. That's what we are talking about. So you see, I was the music brain, and in certain section, a spiritual vibration. The ones that steal the vibration and put it in politician vibration, and cocaine vibration, and so you have to take back the music to the lab and give it a musical injection! Right in the mid section. To make young people session. And make international good brains through this medical operation.

Sleeper: "Complete Control" by The Clash.

Scratch: Well, when it was the time for The Clash to have the complete control, I give them the complete control. So after awhile they have the complete control, and then it clash. So I take back the complete control, and they take back the rock & roll. (Sings) So give me the rock, and give me the roll, give me the power and the full control, and let's rock and roll... So we rock around the clock. Tick, tock, and don't get old. And we don't want to get old, so we go to the lab with a medical operation, and take the full control back from The Clash. And go back into the rock & roll. (Sings) And rock and roll, and don't get old, so give me the power and the full control, and let's rock and roll... Because rock & roll was here before reggae. And man take it to AD now. Back to AD. AD and BC, when there was no reggae. There were Flintstone and Barney and Pebbles. Rain and hailstone and brimstone and fire. You understand?

Sleeper: How about "Train To Doomsville" by Lee Perry?

Scratch: Train To Doomsville! That is the cocaine train! Those who take cocaine is on the Train To Doomsville! Because their brain is burnt out, and their souls is burned out, and they have no control anymore. Those who love Lee "Scratch" Perry music shall live forever, and those who fight against Lee "Scratch" Perry will shall die forever in Doomsville. That's what it means. They that are on my train shall always live, they have eternal life, because they are with ET lion. And those who follow ET lion, ET mean "eternal thunder". And I used to ride on the eternal Honda. And make eternal blunder. From Belgian Congo. Then I come back again on the African jungle train with my jungle brain to let them know that ET reign. And who is not on ET train, surely is going to be dead, without a doubt. Live says the internet and my winternet. That is for Mr. Sleeper from Mr. Creeper. Thank you very much. I like you, Mr. Sleeper.

Sleeper: Well, thank you. How about "A Place Called Africa" by Junior Byles.

Scratch: "A Place Called Africa" by Junior Byles is an original, sir. Discovered from AD. From the beginnings of Africa, until people and government want to shear it up and say this is England's, this is London's, this is Germany's, this is Switzerland's, this is America's. The whole universe and the whole world and the whole creation, from the earth to the heavens is Africa, Mr. Sleeper. So you can wake up and roar!

Sleeper: RRRRRR!

Scratch: RRRRRR, says Mr. Creeper. Who creeps from kryptonite and Superman with a kryptonite rock. All earthquake rock, ET rock, and thunder rock and lightning rock. From Mr. Creeper lightning cock.

Sleeper: Alright, two more. How about "Bad Weed" by Junior Murvin.

Scratch: "Bad Weed". Bad weed was planted by the people who plant bad seed, so out of the bad seed they plant comes the bad weeds. Bad children, bad mothers, bad fathers, bad families, and bad generation - all of them bad weeds that the bad generation before them plant that bad weed and become their bad seed and their bad weeds. When Junior Murvin sing the song in that fashion we were talking about, some people who plant their bad seeds and want good weeds. They are out of order, Mr. Sleeper. If you plant a bad seed, Mr. Sleeper, then you gonna reap a bad seed, a bad tree that grows from the bad seed.

Sleeper: Alright, one last song. "Dreadlocks In Moonlight" by Lee Perry.

Scratch: Well, that was what happened in the place called Washington Gardens when I create a dread brain. I put the dreadlocks all around me, and that was when I make a mistake, I don't create a soul brain, a soul fire brain. Or a rock brain. So I found that I mistakenly put dreadlocks in my moonlight, and so I burn out the Black Ark studio and get the dreads out of my moonlight. And in the Switzerland mountains. I am the Upsetter on the internet with my winternet. Dreadlocks in my moonlight. My stars didn't like it, neither did my sun nor my clouds. They got very vex and say this is not right, you have to change things, and throw the dreadlocks out of the moonlight.

Sleeper: In one of my favorite songs, "African Hitch Hiker", you say that you're an alien from outer space, living in your briefcase. Do you really think you're an alien?

Scratch: Of course I am an alien from another race! And I come from the space, and I have no land, no estates, no property. If it wasn't for my wife I wouldn't have a roof over my head, so I have proved that I am the alien from outer space, living in my suitcase and in my briefcase. If it wasn't for Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Upsetter, I would not have a house on this planet Earth. So I am sure I am the alien from outer space, and I am sure I am Chief Geronimo, and I am sure that I am Jesus Christ, and I am sure that I am ball of fire. I am sure I am St. Germaine, and I am sure I am the magic present, and I am sure I am the vice of present, and I am sure I am the central son from the central zone. Speaking to you through the children zone. Speaking to you from repentant zone, from judgement zone.

Sleeper: So if you are an alien, is the recording studio your space ship?

Scratch: The recording studio was my spaceship that was polluted by the dreadlocks in the moonlight. So the moon vex, and all the stars vex, and the moon so vex because tonight is a full moon and the moon throw them out of the moonlight. And the stars say "we agree, they have to go". Because they are fighting against the event creator. Who have no house and no land and no estate, have to run away to Switzerland and have to live in his suitcase and in his briefcase. Space didn't like that!

Sleeper: Now, everybody is talking about Arkology, the Lee Perry box set - but you didn't help make it. How come none of these record companies ask for your help with these things? Are they afraid of you?

Scratch: Well, I am glad that they have the facts of life, but literally they know that the Arkology is not owned by Lee "Scratch" Perry, it is owned by Island Records, because they say they have all the rights, and have all the tapes, and those tapes were stolen before the studio burned down, Mr. Sleeper. All those Arkology tapes were stolen from Mr. Perry's studio, and Pipecock was not on guard, and Mr. Perry had been threatened by gunmen, and then it all happened at Washington Gardens, and the moon didn't like it, neither did the stars. And the sun and the wind didn't like it, neither. Lightning and thunder, hailstone, brimstone and fire, whirlwind and Merlin and judgement did not like it. So judgement burn down Black Ark studio, say it was too black. That too much dreadlocks was in the moon.

Sleeper: Don't you have any of your own tapes hidden away somewhere?

Scratch: Pauline have them and sell some, and GG have some, and Coxsone have some - every producer in Jamaica have some! Sell to them by someone who say they was my family, which I discover my family was actually some demons and trolls from hell that come upon this planet Earth to find something to suck. Some little black vampires, anyhow. I don't have any of those tapes, Mr. Sleeper!

Sleeper: All stolen, eh?

Scratch: Yes, sir!

Sleeper: That's a crime!

Scratch: Is a crime? Aha! Sure it is a crime, I think it's a crime. So why should I go further with this reggae thing if this is a crime? You said it, not me!

Sleeper: It's a crime that you don't have any of your reggae.

Scratch: So I don't have any of the crime. I am free from crime, I am free from the reggae, sir. I am not a criminal anymore. I don't have any of the reggae tapes. I am free from reggae and I am free from crime. (Sings) Oh happy day, when Jesus wash all my crimes away, and burn down the Ark, and show me another way... (Laughs) Our father, who wash in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Truth kingdom come, and truth will be done on this Earth as it is in heaven. Truth! Truth kingdom come and truth will be done.

Sleeper: Truth is important.

Scratch: The truth? Of course! If you're looking for God, truth is God. That's why I say Lee "Scratch" Perry, for I am God. And when Lee "Scratch" Perry find God, then God burn down the Ark (roars with mad scientist laughter). So I don't have any crime, Mr. Sleeper!

Sleeper: You're an honest man.

Scratch: I don't have any of those tapes, sir. But I wish them good luck, because they hold all my creation.

Sleeper: Now, I know you've answered this question many times before, but what was the real reason that you burned up the Black Ark?

Scratch: This is the reason why we are in the interview in the internet in my winternet, I'm telling you my reason why the Black Ark wasn't any more. It was too black for my brain. I was creating a black thing that nearly killed me! That I have to do away with forever because it was a dread brain. Dreadlocks in the moonlight. I should have created a rock brain.

Sleeper: Will you ever produce any other artists again, or only your own work?

Scratch: I will produce other artists like rock singers, and pop singers, and jazz singers, and rhythm & blues singers, and techno singers, and disco singers, why not? They are welcome to my Merlin brain. And my Merlin train. I will accept all rock singers who are ready to sing. The door is open. I open my future door to rock singers, pop singers, jazz singers, rhythm & blues singers, techno singers, and disco singers. I open my door, it's wide open.

Sleeper: What about your work with Adrian Sherwood? Some of my favorite Lee Perry music was the music you did with Adrian Sherwood. Are you ever going to work with him again?

Scratch: Sherwood? God would never give the power to a baldhead, as Bob Marley would say, and him is a baldhead like Bob Marley was talking about. Bob Marley say that God would never give power to the baldhead. And I know that Adrian Sherwood is a baldhead, so I have to cut him off. That's what I'm saying to you in the internet. I choose everything Bob Marley says, because he was a brain that I create in the moonlight. It was too dread for me, but I still follow what he say. So I think that Adrian Sherwood is really a baldhead.

Sleeper: You've said that your heart is a drum and your brain is a bass. Is this why your music is so powerful? Because you're a living instrument?

Scratch: That's right, you are right. Perfect. Perfect question, perfect answer. You make the perfect question, then you make the perfect answer. That means you are identified as what I'm searching for.

Sleeper: Alright, one last question. Besides your music, what other kinds of magic can you perform?

Scratch: Sir, you have seen my heart is Jesus Christ the drum, and my brain is Haile Selassie the bass that no one can stop. When I shit my enemies cry, when I speak they die - is no joke, it's real. You are my main man on the internet, and I am the winternet. Over and out.

Sleeper: Do you have a message for all your fans on the internet?

Scratch: I have a message for the internet! It say: different kind of people, I and I want just one people. And all the people who think they are different, they are no different from the other people because of the one God, one aim, one destiny. And God say "give justice". For righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a crime, and sinners shall die. All thieves and all criminals, all hypocrites and all vampires shall die from the hand of justice. For God say "give justice to the people". Love and honor will come to the people who believe in God. T-R-U-T-H is the God. And there is no God but the truth. And the jungle rules stand over all the rules. And this is a message from the jungle rules and from the bag of rules, from the shapeless night and the shapeless day. There is only one morning and only one evening that comes from creation. And there is no morning but the first morning. And there is no evening but the first evening. Alpha, King Alpha, and Omega, Queen Omega, the beginning and the end. Genesis first to Revelation twenty two. And I am the book, and the half - the half that's never been told. Message from Lee "Scratch" Perry, your deliverer. The blue lion in the blue igloo. Look upstairs in the sky, and you will see that the sky is I, Lee "Scratch" Perry, the blue space. Okay? That is all, Mr. Sleeper, from Mr. Creeper. Over and out!