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Thanks to the efforts of one dedicated Lee Perry fan, the world can appreciate the depth of material recorded at the Black Ark, waiting to be re-discovered in the land of vinyl oblivion. Check out the story behind the incredible Black Ark Nuggets YouTube channel.

One of Lee Perry's right-hand men at the Black Ark was Watty Burnett, who had been working alongside the Upsetter ever since the studio's inception. Reggae journalist Peter I presents a fascinating in-depth interview with Burnett.

Read the fascinating story of Lee "Scotch" Perry, Scotland's most radical producer.

Journalist Neil Spencer visited Scratch at the Black Ark in 1976 and wrote a vivid report, one of several vintage articles you can read in the archives.

Finally, in my continuing series on the classic Black Ark albums, I take a detailed look at the amazing Super Ape.

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Feature Article
When King Jammy's "Sleng Teng" burst onto the scene in 1985, the all-digital rhythm galvanized Perry. Since he had been using drum machines since the 1970s, the idea of creating rhythms with a machine appealed to Perry immediately. The new, digital sound of the Black Ark was born.