Radio Scratch

Radio Scratch is/was Eternal Thunder's podcast. Hosted by Mick Sleeper, these 60 minute programs concentrate on a certain era or theme in Lee Perry's music. Featuring rare tracks, commentary, and special guest selecters, Radio Scratch is a must for any serious Lee Perry fan. Although no new episodes are currently being produced, the complete archive from 2006 – 2009 is here to explore.

Give Thanks (March 2009)

The final episode of Radio Scratch features some of Mick Sleeper's favourite tunes from the 30+ podcasts he has produced since 2006.


Give Thanks
Fisherman - Heaven Bound
Yagga Yagga - Lee & Jimmy
Preacher Man - The Stingers
Redder Than Red - Linval Thompson
Run Rudies Run - Lee Perry
Caveman Skank - Upsetters
Give Thanks - Delroy Denton
Young Gifted And Broke - Full Experience
Oh Black People - Rupie Edwards
Peace And Love - Shaumark & Robinson (Custom Discomix)
Down Here In Babylon - Brent Dowe
Cross Over - Junior Murvin
Praises To Jah - The Roots
Fighting For Survival - Sons Of Brave
Zion's Blood - Sista J
Rockhead - Lee Perry

Many Kinky Busters (February 2009)

The earliest years of the Black Ark – when Scratch was using very basic equipment – had an unmistakable dark, low fi and occasionally funky sound. A selection of some of the earliest and kinkiest Black Ark tracks.


Many Kinky Busters
Kinky Fly - Bunny Rugs & The Chi Lites
Bring It On Home - The Silvertones
Back Wey - Dreadlocks Fay
Rebels Train - Lee Perry & The Upsetters
Brother Man - Sam Carty
Babylon Deh Fon Fire - Truth Fact & Correct
Jungle Fever - The Upsetters
Herb Vendor - Horse Mouth
Big Tongue Buster - Leo Graham
Keep On Skanking - The Wailers
I Man Free - King Burnett
Can't Conquer Natty Dreadlocks - Dr. Alimantado
Kill The Music - The Upsyndicates
Da Ba Day - The Upsetters
Many A Call - The Unforgettables
I Am A Dreadlocks - Lee Perry & The Ethiopians
Spiritual Whip - Jah Lloyd

Podcasting In The Name Of Jah (January 2009)

After checking out some of Lee Perry's new music in 2008, Radio Scratch returns to the past for some crucial selections. Music from Lee Perry, Mikey Dread, The Classics, The Hombres and more.


Podcasting In The Name Of Jah
Big Neck Police - Lee Perry
Dread At The Mantrols - Mikey Dread
Green Bay Incident - Lord Sassafrass
Green Bay Version - The Upsetters
A Testimony - The Upsetter Pilgrims
Judgement - Time Unlimited
Love Love Love - Horace Andy
Civilization - The Classics
Africa - The Hombres
Foundation Dub - The Upsetters
Open Up The Gate - The Congos
When Jah Come - Devon Irons
When Jah Dubs - The Upsetters
Freedom Street - Eric Donaldson
Stealing In The Name Of Jah - Max Romeo
Well Dread - Addis Ababa Children

Junior Byles (December 2008)

The music that Junior Byles and Lee Perry created together is very special. The two men shared a bond and a vibe that resulted in some of the greatest reggae ever. Although Junior went on to record more great songs in the future, he never achieved the heights that he did with Lee Perry as producer. A solid selection from one of reggae's true heroes.


Junior Byles
I've Got A Feeling - Junior Byles
Live As One - Junior Byles
The Long Way - Junior Byles
A Place Called Africa (Custom Discomix) - Junior Byles and
Dr. Alimantado
Beat Down Babylon - Junior Byles
Informer Men - Junior Byles and Jah T
Coming Home - Junior Byles
Got The Tip - Junior Byles
Fun And Games - Junior Byles
Motion Dub - Junior Byles
The Thanks We Get - Junior Byles
Curly Locks (Alternate Version) - Junior Byles
When Will Better Come - Junior Byles
Cutting Razor - The Versatiles

Mr. Brown & Friends (November 2008)

This episode of Radio Scratch is all over the map with some crazy remixes, a track from Lee Perry's latest album Scratch Came, Scratch Saw, Scratch Conquered, some boss Black Ark selections and a special message from Scratch to George Bush. Thanks to Steve Barker for making this episode extra upsetting.


Mr. Brown & Friends
Kilimanjaro - Lee Perry
Kilimanjaro Dub - Adrian Sherwood
Jealousy - Lee Perry
Chase The Bush - Lee Perry
Mr. Brown - DJ Spooky
I Love My Bitch - Busta Rhymes & Kelis
Washroom Skank - Bill Laswell
Grave Yard Bully - Glen Adams
I Shall Be Released - The Heptones
In These Times (Custom Discomix) - Errol Walker
Different Experience - Brother Roy
Upsetting Station - Dave Barker
Kiss Me Neck - The Upsetters
If You Need Me - Susan Cadogan

Rock Stones (October 2008)

With some help from his reggae brethren, Mick Sleeper digs deep and gathers together some of the rarest Black Ark tracks you will ever hear.


Rock Stones
Rasta Get Ready - Junior Murvin
Fighting For Survival - Sons Of Brave
Jo Jo Ask About It - The Diamonds
Sing Along Song - Tinga Stewart
I'll Never Give it Up - Ronnie Davis
Girl Next Door - Junior Byles
Revolutionary A Dreadlocks - The General
Natty Pressure Them - Linval Thompson
Right Before My Eyes - The Jolly Brothers
Think It Over - Al Moodie
Look Out For The Devil - Junior Dan
Look Out For The Dub - The Upsetters
Rock Stone - Native
Destruction - Struggle

Look Around (September 2008)

Radio Scratch returns from summer vacation with its most eclectic playlist yet. Some selections from Scratch's latest album The Mighty Upsetter, a rare live track and some vintage Black Ark productions.


Look Around
International Broadcaster - Lee Perry & Roots Manuva
Rockhead - Lee Perry
Chase The Devil (Live) - Lee Perry & The White Belly Rats
Selassie - The Reggae Boys
Rightful Ruler - Peter Tosh & U Roy
Look Around - The Roots
Version - The Upsetters
Brotherly Love (Alternate Version) - The Jolly Brothers
I Shall Be Released (Disco Dub) - The Heptones
I Man Stand Still - Jimmy Riley
Forward Up - The Stingers
Women And Money - Denzil Dennis
Dr. Who - I Roy
Our Man Flint - Lloyd Young & Augustus Pablo
Militant Rock - Lee Perry & The Upsetters
Touch Of Fire - The Upsetters

Double Upsetting (May 2008)

Everyone knows that Lee Perry likes to upset when it comes to music, with weird and wonderful sounds that delight his fans and confound his enemies. This is a selection of some of the Upsetter's most mind-blowing productions.


Double Upsetting
Drum Rock - The Upsetters
Kimble - The Creators
Evol Yenoh - Burt Walters
All Combine - The Upsetters
Station Underground Reporting - King Koba
Kojak - The Upsetters
Sunshine Showdown Version - The Upsetters
Caveman Skank - The Upsetters
Tackro - The Upsetters
Bird In Hand - Sam Carty
Going Home - Time Unlimited
Cow Thief Skank - Lee Perry & Charlie Ace
Roast Fish And Cornbread - Lee Perry

Soul Fire (April 2008)

Any serious reggae fan knows the huge debt reggae owes to American soul and funk. Scratch loved soul music, and throughout his career, many of his productions were either covers of soul tunes, or inspired by the sounds of soul. Mick Sleeper selects the most Upsetting soul shots.


Soul Fire
Up On The Roof - The Upsetters
We Are Neighbours - David Isaacs
Slipping Into Darkness - Carl Bradney
Runaway Child - Dave Barker
Medical Operation - The Upsetters
Sick And Tired - Neville Grant
Dark End Of The Street - Pat Kelly
Spanish Harlem - Val Bennett
African Herbsman - The Wailers
Cloud Nine - Carl Dawkins
Fever - Susan Cadogan
Be Thankful - Bunny Scott
To Be A Lover - George Earl
Woman Gotta Have Love - Jimmy Riley

Everyone Have Their Works (March 2008)

Radio Scratch celebrates its second anniversary with a crucial selection of Lee Perry productions from all eras.


Everyone Have Their Works
I Smell A Rat - Busty Brown & The Upsetters
Beware Of The Vampire - Denzil Laing
Bucky Skank - Lee Perry & The Upsetters
OK Corral - U Roy
Too Late - Watty Burnett
Forward With Love - Mystic I
Mr. President - The Heptones & Jah Lion (custom mix)
Everyone Have Their Works - Knowledge
Children Crying - Alton Ellis
Huzza A Hana - Lee Perry
Mr. Music - Lee Perry
Mr. Dobberman - Lee Perry
Marcus And Selassie - Al Moodie

Upsetters A Go Go (February 2008)

By the mid 1970s, the flood of instrumentals that Lee Perry was cutting with the Upsetters had slowed to a trickle. However, with the jazz-inspired Musical Bones and Return Of Wax, Scratch and friends proved that they still had some crucial instrumental vibes up their sleeves. A selection of killer and seldom-heard Upsetters instrumentals from all eras.


Upsetters A Go Go
Return Of The Vampire - Roland Alphanso & The Upsetters
Dark Moon - The Upsetters
Earthquake - The Upsetters
Outer Space - The Upsetters
Dig Your Grave - The Upsetters
Grooving - The Upsetters
Power Pack - The Upsetters
Creation - The Upsetters
Red Hot - The Upsetters
Licky Licky - Vin Gordon & The Upsetters
Fly Away - Vin Gordon & The Upsetters
Judgement Day - The Upsetters
Jamaican Theme - The Upsetters
Roll On - Roland Alphanso & The Upsetters
The Jumper - The Upsetters
Big Joke - The Upsetters
Crab Yars - The Upsetters

Upsetting Version Galore (January 2008)

As any reggae fan knows, it is common practice in Jamaican music for producers to use the same rhythm track more than once. Lee Perry did this perhaps better than any other producer, creating something new and fresh with his versions instead of just a carbon copy. This episode features some killer rhythm showers featuring some of Scratch's best-known rhythms including "Beat Down Babylon", "Words Of My Mouth", "Tighten Up" and more.


Upsetting Version Galore
Tighten Up - Inspirations
Tighten Up Skank - Dillinger
Cane River Rock - Upsetters
Riverside Rock - Upsetters
Beat Down Babylon - Junior Byles
Informer Men - Junior Byles & Jah T
Tribal War - U Roy Junior
Freedom Fighter - Bunny & Ricky
Iron Wolf - Upsetters
Bet You Don't Know - Chenley Duffus
Philistines On The Land - Junior Murvin
Bingo Kid - Upsetters
Soldier And Police War - Jah Lion
Bad Weed - Junior Murvin
Grumbling Dub - Upsetters
Babylon Thief Dub - Upsetters
Fire Fe De Vatican - Max Romeo
Earth Is The Lord - Jah Lion
Stop The War Ina Babylon - James Booms
Black Vest - Upsetters
Words Of My Mouth - Gatherers
Words - Lee Perry
Wisdom - Jah Lion
Little Flute Chant - Upsetters

Scratch & His Rainbow Throne (December 2007)

Although Lee Perry never released a solo album in the 1970s other than Roast Fish Collie Weed And Cornbread, his work as a singer from this era can be very heavy. Mick Sleeper selects some of the best tunes with Scratch behind the microphone.


Scratch & His Rainbow Throne
Death Before Dishonour - Lee Perry & The Black Disciples
Justice To The People - Lee Perry
Black Man Time - Lee Perry
Ghetto Sidewalk - Lee Perry
Nuh Fe Run It Down - Lee Perry
Standing On The Hill - Lee Perry
Rainbow Throne - Lee Perry
Babylon A Fall - Lee Perry
In This Iwa - Lee Perry
Disco Devil - Lee Perry & Full Experience
Chase Them - Lee Perry
Happy Birthday Jamaica - Lee Perry
Eradication Squad - Lee Perry & The Majestics

Return Of The Midnight Dread (November 2007)

From his secret laboratory in Montana, Doug Wendt AKA The Midnight Dread returns to Radio Scratch with a heavy duty and very eclectic set of music. Featuring rare shots from Tinga Stewart and Brent Dowe, Ras Michael, and the Upsetter himself.


Return Of The Midnight Dread
Greetings - Lee Perry
Follow Your Heart Version - The Upsetters
Blackman Time - Tinga Stewart & Brent Dowe
Dubbing Psycho Thriller - Lee Perry with Dub Syndicate
Security In The Streets - Kiddus I
Too Fat - Kiddus I
Dr. Lee PHD (Dub Mix) - Lee Perry with The Beastie Boys
Dr. Lee PHD - Lee Perry with The Beastie Boys
Hot Pipe - Jah T & Augustus Pablo
Don't Sell Daddy No Whiskey - Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus
Rainbow Country (Roots Rock Remix) - Bob Marley & The Wailers
Blackboard Desert Dub - Daniel Orlick

DJs Upset The Nation (October 2007)

Lee Perry was one of the first producers to hop on the DJ train with the historic "Rightful Ruler" by U Roy. After that, a number of top ranking DJs such as I Roy, Dillinger, Dennis Alcapone, Big Youth, Jah Lion, and Prince Django all cut crucial platters for Scratch. Non stop DJ business with Lee Perry at the controls.


DJs Upset The Nation
Skanking - Dillinger
Rightful Ruler - U Roy
Hot Line - Dave Barker
Maccabee The Third - Winston Cool
Give Me Power Version 2 - King Iwah
Ital Locks - Johnny Lover
Like It Like This - Johnny Lover
Moving Version - Big Youth
Keep On Moving - Wong Chu
Space Flight - I Roy
Burning Wire - Jerry Lewis
Well Dread - Dennis Alcapone
Hot Tip - Prince Django
Spiritual Whip (AKA The Lama) - Jah Lloyd
Soldier Take Over - Jah Lion
Dreadlocks Corner - Prince Jazzbo
Home Guard - Mikey Dread
Lion Of Judah - Jah T

Leo Graham (September 2007)

Leo Graham's distinctive voice is a favourite with fans. Although he was certainly not as prolific as other reggae artists, Graham's music was always solid. Radio Scratch presents a crucial selection of Leo Graham tunes with Lee Perry in the producer's chair, from his early scorchers with The Bleechers to the heavier Black Ark vibes.


Leo Graham
Check Him Out - The Bleechers
You're Gonna Feel It - The Bleechers
Come Into My Parlour - The Bleechers
Ease Up - The Bleechers
Jump And Rale - The Bleechers
Want A Wine - Leo Graham
Dig Pit - Leo Graham
We Have Got A Date (AKA Jump It) - Leo Graham
Three Blind Mice - Leo Graham
News Flash - Leo Graham
Flashing Echo - The Upsetters
Black Candle - Leo Graham
Bad Lamp - Leo Graham
Dr. Demand - Leo Graham
Voodooism - Leo Graham
Dubism - The Upsetters
My Little Sandra - Leo Graham
Three Times Three - King Tubby

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